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Haute Mice Studios, established by Portrait Photographer Kendall-Kinmiar J. Cunningham, is a Chicago-based photography studio specializing in delivering premium Portrait Photography, alongside Commercial Fashion & Beauty imagery. We take pride in offering our clientele imagery emanating from our distinctive perspective. Our portfolio boasts exquisitely clean visuals, coupled with a creative viewpoint that accentuates the individuality of our clients.


Our signature blend of lighting and retouching techniques, paired with our minimalist approach, establishes a connection with our audience that surpasses conventional imagery. Haute Mice Studio’s visuals enchant and captivate our clients, offering an elevated perception of themselves and their personal brands.


Haute MICE cultivates an atmosphere that is sleek, stylish, high-energy, and alluring, resonating deeply with our target demographic.


Beyond mere photography, we serve as catalysts for creative inspiration.

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